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How Can I Create a Project?2020-09-15T10:20:17+02:00

In the left side of the map view, click on the green plus sign      to start a new project.

A small frame opens in the middle of the map. This frame represents your project area. Enter an address or simply move on the map to where you want to set up your drone project and press “Start”.

Map New Create Project Interface

With each new project, a new project tile will be created for you. The project tile contains all the important information you need for a successful flight.

You can find your project tiles in the project board or in the menu on the left of the map view, behind this symbol   

Each newly created project is initially assigned the status “New”. You can change this status in the project plan (See: How Can I Edit My Project?)

Project Tile

Project Tile

To change your status, you can also simply drag and drop the project tile on the project board. (See: What is the Project Board?)

Use the three dots in the upper right corner of the project tile to access the project options. There you can follow the project so you can be notified of any changes and stay informed about all developments. You can also duplicate or delete the project.

Projekt Options

Delete Project
How Do I Change the Language in the App?2020-08-05T15:51:54+02:00

To change the language, click on the gear symbol in the lower right corner, which will open the app settings. At the top of the screen a field with “Deutsch” or “English” will appear. Depending on which language your app displays.

By clicking on the button, a menu will open in which you can select your preferred language. Click on the language and confirm by clicking on “Apply” at the top right of the screen.

Project Plan – How Can I Edit My Project?2020-08-05T16:14:56+02:00

The project plan provides you with all options for creating and managing a project. Under the project plan you will find four tabs: “Project Data”, “Activities”, “Project File” and “Checklists”.

Under Project Data you can enter or change the following project data:

– Project name
– Address
– Planned project date
– Duration of the project
– Project status (New, Planning, Active, Completed)
– Project category (treetops, road construction, route construction, surveying)
– Description of the project
– Add employee, pilot and guests
– Mange equipment
– Register insurances

During the project, you can track all the activities.

Under Activities, you can create and coordinate tasks related to the project. In the comment section you now have the possibility to write comments and mention other project participants.

If you already have some important documents, permissions or other files for this project, you can easily upload and use them for the project. Just click on the respective icons under Projekt Data.

Under the Checklists you will still find our security checklists. With a Map2Fly Pro license, it is also possible to store individual checklists for your project processes.

Where Do I Enter My Profile Data?2020-07-10T12:58:40+02:00

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FlyNex C-Level
Flight Plan – Where Can I Find All Information About My Flight?2020-08-05T16:14:48+02:00

In the “Flight Plan” section you can draw and enter all the important information about your flight. You can also find out about all rights and rules that apply to the flight area you have specified. Under the flight plan you will find four tabs: “Information”, “Route Planning”, “Export” and “Services”.

You will find all important information about the location, rules & regulations and the responsible authorities under the section Information. All data and coordinates of your flight area or flight route can be found under Route Planning.

In case you need all or part of the planning, e.g. to apply for a permit, you can select the desired sections under Export and export them as PDF or Geo-JSON. Individual connections to analysis tools can be set up in the Services area. This is an additional functionality and must be requested and purchased separately. To set up interfaces or to learn more about this service, please contact

What Is Flynex Enterprise?2020-07-01T14:14:17+02:00

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What Do the Colors on the Map Mean? – The Map Legend2020-08-27T17:13:10+02:00

Map2Fly uses colors and symbols to show which properties a location has.
These properties have directly or indirectly something to do with the laws and rules of drone flight.

On the right side of the menu in Map2Fly, you will find the map legend under map data     .

In the app, you will find the map legend also behind the gear symbol. See here for more information about the mobile app: Where Can I Find the Legend in the App?

The map legend consists of five main categories: Airspace, Traffic, Settlement and Safety, Energy, and Environment. The different map layers, as shown in this article, can be switched on and off. To do so, you have to uncheck the blue box. You can do this for individual layers or main categories. Turning off the layers is especially recommended when drawing the route.

Attention: Even if the map layers are deactivated, the information concerning your flight planning will still be displayed. This means that even if you right-click on the map or validate the route later, all restrictions will be displayed (even from deactivated layers).

Here in the article, the colors are displayed according to the object-based map. The regulation-based map differs in that the colors are displayed from green to red in a traffic light system. Find more details here: Map Data – What Is the Difference Between “Object-Based” and “Regulation-Based”?

By right-clicking in the web application (“Hold down” in the app application), you can see the rules and restrictions listed separately.
You will find § Rules and Regulations in the menu on the right at Map Information     .

There you will find all current regulations for the selected location. If you hover over the rules with the mouse, the corresponding object/area will be highlighted on the map.

How Do I Enter Coordinates In Map2Fly?2020-08-28T14:17:14+02:00
Koordinateneingabe in Map2Fly

To work with coordinates in Map2Fly, they must be entered in decimal degree (DG) format.

X Degrees, minutes and seconds (GMS): 51°19’37.2 “N 12°19’05.3 “E
✔ Decimal degree (DG): 51.327002, 12.318130

Instead of entering individual coordinates, you can also use the new KML import feature. Learn more about it here: How Do I Import KML Files?

How Do I Import KML Files?2020-10-30T13:13:51+01:00

To import KML files into Map2Fly, you need at least the Pro version of the application.

Create a project and open the drawing tools in the right menu in the map view. There you will find the option “Import KML”. A window will open. Find your KML file and upload it.

Now the coordinates of your KML file are visible on the Map2Fly map in your project.

Where do I delete a project?2020-10-30T13:15:16+01:00

Select the project tile (See: How to create a project?) and click on the three dots in the upper right corner for opening the menu.

In the context menu, select “Delete Project”.

You can find all deleted projects in the trash can by navigating through the main menu under “Projects”. Find the trash icon in the left sidemenu next to the project board. (See: What is the project board?)

You can easily restore deleted projects by simply selet the particular entry and click on “Restore”. Now the project can be found in the project board again.

What is the Project Board?2020-08-10T15:53:50+02:00

The project board appears under the main menu point “Projects”. Each newly created project initially receives the status “New”. You can change this status by moving the project tile on the project board to the different phases (Planning, Active, Completed) using drag and drop.

Where Can I Find My User Profile?2020-08-05T16:19:01+02:00

You can access your account directly via “Manage” in the top left corner of the main menu. There you will find your profile tile. Alternatively, you can access your profile tile via your profile picture in the upper right corner. You may now enter or change your profile data. To do so, click on the green round button in the top right corner of your profile tile.

Account Settings – How Do I Edit My User Profile?2020-10-30T13:08:36+01:00

Click on the green button in the top right corner of your profile tile, which can be found under the main menu point “Manage”. (See: Where Can I Find My User Profile?)

You can now store your data and upload an individual profile picture. Besides your proof of knowledge as a drone pilot, you can also enter information about your current license.

How Can I Manage Members?2020-10-30T13:12:11+01:00

As a company account with a Map2Fly-Pro license, you can create and manage internal users or members (e.g. your employees). To manage your members, go to the main menu item “Manage” and select “Members” with the three-people-symbol in the right menu. There you can see how many licenses you currently have in your company account and purchase additional licenses if necessary.

Add Member

To add a new member, please click on the green button “Add New Member to Team”. A form will now appear on the right-hand side, in which you can enter information. Please enter at least a name and an e-mail address.

The created member will receive an e-mail including a confirmation link to the e-mail address you entered. By clicking on the confirmation link, the member will be asked to create a personal password. The member is then set up completely as a user and receives the rights you have previously defined.

Manage Existing Members

In the list below the green button all members assigned to your company are displayed. Each member has a small three-point menu, here you can:

– edit member information
– manage the rights of the member
– view the profile
– delete the member

What is Map2Fly?2020-08-10T15:54:27+02:00

The application Map2Fly of FlyNex GmbH essentially consists of an interactive and customizable map, which is specially designed for drone flights.

With only one mouse click all relevant and valid regulations of the current drone laws for the selected location are shown. This saves hours of research.

The upgrade to Map2Fly Pro also includes a full project management tool. This enables an easier organization of small drone flights up to large drone projects.

By integrating various and official data sources, Map2Fly offers the highest accuracy available in Germany.

Laptop Ebenen + Raum messen
Check out Map2Fly
Map Navigation – How Do I Use the Map?2020-08-05T16:02:22+02:00

Location search

At the top left of the map there is a free text field for searching for a place or entering an address. Simply enter the address of the place where you want to start your flight planning. The map will then be centered on this location. It is also possible to enter coordinates.

Rotate and Tilt the Map

In the 2D view, you can rotate the map 360° while holding down the right mouse key to move it to the desired position. In 3D view, you can tilt the map further by holding down the right mouse key to view details in 3D. (See: How do I switch from 2D view to 3D view)

North Map

By clicking and holding the right mouse key you can rotate the map. If you want to reposition the map so that north is at the top, simply click on the compass.

My Position

To be able to align the map according to your position, you must allow access to your location. By clicking on “My position”, the map will then automatically align itself to your location.

Zoom in

Click on the plus symbol to zoom one level further into the map to see more details. You can also use the scroll function of your mouse to zoom into the map.

Zoom Out

Click on the minus symbol to zoom out of the map one level further and see a larger area. You can also use the scroll function of your mouse to zoom out of the map.


For better estimation of the distances on the map, a scale is shown in the bottom right corner. This scale changes depending on the zoom level selected.

How Is the Storage Structured?2020-08-10T15:52:32+02:00

The Storage includes all created files and documents. They are grouped into their respective categories.

The categories are:

User files
Personal data is stored here, such as your profile picture.

Domains files
Here you can store generally valid documents of your company. The folder is displayed to all employees.

Projects files
Here you will find all files that refer to your created projects.

Assets files
If devices have been created for which certain documents exist (e.g. an instruction manual), this data is stored here.

Bin files
The Recycle Bin contains all deleted files and folders before they are permanently deleted.

What are the differences between Map2Fly and Map2Fly Pro?2020-08-10T15:54:17+02:00

The Map2Fly free version offers drone pilots all important information on current requirements and rules for a drone ascent. Furthermore, flight routes can be planned and validated, a flight project can be created and shared with others. It is available as a mobile app under iOS and Android, and as a web app at

Map2Fly Pro is aimed at professional users who have higher demands on the functionality and scope of Map2Fly. The Pro version includes all features you need for planning a successful UAV flight.

The following features are available when upgrading to the Map2Fly Pro version:

– Unlimited number of projects
– Digital surveying tools for the map
– Project, employee and team roles
– Partner functions for joint work on projects
– Project board view for clear management of several projects
– Notifications for projects you follow
– And many more

More about Map2Fly Pro
How Do I Display the Map Legend in the App?2020-08-27T16:59:39+02:00

When you open the app on your phone, you will see the map with different colored areas. These zones represent specific conditions and restrictions.
You will find the corresponding legend under the gear symbol beneath the setting options. See the video on the right.

You can view the map to see which restrictions and rules apply to a specific point on the map. To view this information, touch and hold your finger where you want it to appear on the map. A list of all information, rules and restrictions for the location opens in just a moment. You can return to the map view by using the arrow in the top left corner of the window.

If you want to search for a location, use the magnifying glass symbol and enter the desired city or address. Once the location has been displayed on the map, you can automatically view all information, rules and requirements by holding your finger on the desired location.

Here you can find information on how to use the legend in the web app: What Do the Colors on the Map Mean? – The Map Legend

What Functions Does the Map Have?2020-08-05T16:02:09+02:00

Here you can define map data (map-based and object-based). Change map types and use drawing tools to measure lines and areas.

How Can I Recover a Deleted File?2020-10-30T13:10:36+01:00

If you have accidentally deleted one or more files, you can go the recycle bin and recover them. You will find it under the main menu point “Storage”. Here, all deleted files are kept for you until they are manually removed permanently.

You can download your deleted files to save them, remove them permanently or restore them.

How do I register?2020-08-05T15:56:57+02:00

1. Click on “Register” in the Map2Fly. You will find the button in the upper right corner at the user icon. Enter your data.

2. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail. Check your mailbox and, if necessary, your spam folder. Click on the confirmation link.

3. Enter a password for your account. If the registration is successful you will receive a confirmation email again. We recommend that you fill out your profile now in order to be able to use all functions optimally.

How to Invite a Partner to a Project?2020-09-23T16:37:03+02:00

To invite someone (employees, colleagues, or customers) to your project, you must share the project or invite the selected person.

Each project tile has a green arrow symbol at the bottom right .

Project Tile

Project Tile

Clicking on it, opens the “Share Project” window. Here you can choose from your existing contacts and employees or invite a new contact by e-mail. Directly above the search bar you can also select which role should be assigned to the person. You have the choice between reader, employee and pilot.

You can also invite someone via the three-point menu at the top right.
To do so, select the option “Share project”. The “Share projects” window will open again and you can select one or more persons. In addition, the “Share Projects” window will open automatically if you want to assign positions listed in the employee area.

“Share Project”-Window

Map Information – Where Can I Find the Regulations, Flight Rules and Laws?2020-08-05T16:29:47+02:00

With a right click on the map, you can mark a location.

On the right side of the menu you will find the map information by the i-symbol.

All legal requirements concerning the marked location are listed here. The information is divided into map information, airspaces, requirements and authorities.

The same applies to projects created. All information relevant to planning for the selected airspace is displayed in the same place.

How to Change My Password?2020-10-30T13:04:46+01:00

You will find the setting for changing your password in the top right-hand corner by clicking on your profile picture. Click on “Change password” in the menu that appears.

Enter your current password and then the new password. For security reasons, repeat the entry of the new password. Then click on the “Change Password” button. The successful change of your password is indicated by a green confirmation in the upper right corner.

Your password has now been successfully changed.

How Do I Manage My Devices / Drones?2020-08-05T16:18:24+02:00

To include drones or assets in your projects, you must first add them to your inventory. You can find the asset management in the right menu under the main menu point “Manage”. Here you can see all the equipment you have entered. To add new equipment, click on the green button “Add New Equipment”.

Select an equipment type (drone or battery), enter the specifications and click on “Submit”. The drone is now added and can be used in projects. If you have several different devices, you can filter them by type in the upper left corner. To edit the information of a device, click on the green, round button in the top right corner of the device tile.

Where Can I Find My Notifications?2020-10-30T13:06:32+01:00

Your notifications will be displayed in the top right corner, next to your profile picture.

The red number next to the bell icon indicates how many messages you have.

Map Data – What Is the Difference Between “Object Based” and “Regulation Based”?2020-08-27T17:04:11+02:00

The object-based display shows you significantly more different colors. Use this view if you want a concrete advertisement and precise information to find out from which objects individual editions come (e.g. schools, federal roads).

The object-based display shows you significantly more different colors. Use this view if you want a precise display and exact information to learn from which objects individual regulations originate (e.g. schools, roads).

Map legends and data

The information displayed in the map in the form of map layers is divided into object classes (e.g. airspace, energy) to allow for better differentiation. In the options for the map data, you can set whether and which object classes are displayed on the map.

Further information on the map legend: What Do the Colors on the Map Mean? – The Map Legend


Even if the map layers are deactivated, the information concerning your flight planning will still be displayed. This means that right-clicking on the map or later route validation will still show all restrictions (even from deactivated map layers).

All map layers are activated by default. Check each layer or its parent category to activate them. Or deselect to disable them.

Where Can I View and Manage My Payment and Invoices?2020-08-10T15:52:52+02:00

If you have a Pro Account, you will find your invoices and payment details under the main menu point “Manage”. In this section you can view and edit your payment details. Here you can also see which licenses you currently own and add more if you wish. You will also find an overview of your previous invoices and the possibility to download the invoices as PDF files.

Where Can I Set My Notifications?2020-08-10T15:51:39+02:00

Under the main menu point “Manage” on the right side of the profile settings you can set your notifications according to your wishes.

There you can determine for which type of projects you want to receive notifications and at what interval (Daily, Every three hours, Every hour, Every 30 minutes, Every 15 minutes).

Notifications are displayed in the top right corner behind the bell icon next to your profile picture. (See: Where do I find my notifications?)

We recommend that you select all notifications at the beginning until you are familiar with the system, and can more easily decide which notifications are appropriate for your workflow.

Which Roles and Rights Exist?2020-07-01T14:15:32+02:00

Permissions in the application


This role is the standard role for creating new users.

The user may:
– Create projects
– Edit projects (if the role has project owner or employee in the project)
– Read projects (if the project has at least the role reader)

Note: The user authorization role is independent of the actual user license.


The administrator may:
– manage
– create
– edit
– read
everything in the application. These rights include all projects.

Authorizations in Projects

Project Owner

The project owner has the same rights as an employee.
In addition, Project Owners can delete projects and assign or change roles in the project.


The pilot has the same rights as an employee. However, the role of the pilot is somewhat more prominent in the responsibility for project implementation. It is advisable to store the proof of knowledge as a pilot (drone pilot lisence) in the user profile.


The employee has the same rights as a project reader. In addition, he or she may edit projects.


The reader (or guest) may read or view projects, but not change them.

How to Use the Drawing Tools?2020-07-22T15:12:36+02:00

Draw Room

This allows you to draw an airspace at the beginning of your flight planning. Click on the pentagonal symbol. Your cursor turns into a cross. Set your first point on the map. Then add as many points as you like until your room is drawn. Finish drawing with a double click. If you do not want to draw a room, you do not have to do it. Instead, you can draw a flight route straight away. Your flight route will then automatically be added to a room.

Draw Flight Route

You can use this tool to draw your individual flight route. Click on the symbol with the zigzag line and the small dots. Your cursor becomes a cross. Set your first marker on the map. Then add the other markers to your flight route. Complete the drawing of your flight route with a double click. If necessary, adjust the markers by clicking and dragging.

In the flight plan, under “route planning”, you can view all the rooms and routes that have been drawn. You can go through the individual points again, name them individually and define their respective maximum flight altitude. You can also view the individual coordinates. To add further points, simply click on the small dots between two existing points. This procedure can be repeated as often as you like.

Click on a point, and move it while holding down the mouse button to change its position (dragging). To delete a point, click on it and then click on “Delete” on the right.

Draw Point

Click on the marker symbol to set a point. Click on the location on the map where you want to set the point. Label and describe your point under “Route planning” and color it if you wish.

Combine Flight Routes

With ” Combine Flight Routes” you can connect two flight routes with each other so that only one merged flight route remains. To do this, click on “Connect Flight Route” and then click on the flight routes that you want to connect. To deselect the tool, click anywhere else on the map.

Measure Line

With this tool you can draw a line and have it measured. The total length is shown in a small pop-up at the bottom center of your screen. If required, you can copy out the number. Press “OK” to remove the pop-up and the measurement line.

Measuring Polygon

With this tool you can draw a polygon and we will measure the area for you. As with the distance measurement, the total area is displayed in a small pop-up in the bottom center. There you can also copy out the number. If you press “OK” the pop-up disappears as well as the measurement.


With the help of the “Delete” icon, you can delete individual parts of your previous route drawing or the entire drawing. To delete an individual component (e.g. point, route), first click on this component and then click on “Delete”.

If you want to delete the entire planning, click on any point on the map outside your drawing and then click on the delete symbol. You will then be asked for confirmation.

How Can I Upgrade or Purchase Additional Features?2020-07-01T14:08:16+02:00

1. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of Map2Fly. A menu will appear. Click on the option “Upgrade”.

2. Select your preferred method of payment Tip: Benefit from the reduced price for annual payment. If available, enter a voucher code and click on “Apply”. Please accept our General Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. Finish the process by clicking on ” Pay Now”.

3. Congratulations! You will receive a confirmation and see the newly purchased features directly in your dashboard.

How Do I Switch From the 2D View to the 3D View?2020-08-05T16:11:51+02:00

Click on the 3D symbol to switch between 2D and 3D view. By default, 2D view is set. You can rotate the map by holding down the right mouse key.

In the 3D view you can see all supports, structures and your flight route in three dimensions, taking into account the altitude. By holding the right mouse key you can tilt the map in the 3D view.

3D Ansicht View Map
How Do I Find the Right Aviation Authority?2020-08-10T15:51:57+02:00

To find the competent authority for your flight region, right-click on the place on the map where you want to fly or create a project.

In the menu on the left side, you will now find the map information with the item “Authorities” under the i-symbol. 

There you will see the authorities responsible for your marked location.

Here you find a list of all authorities for drone flights in Germany.

How Can I Report an Error in the Map?2020-08-05T16:18:47+02:00

1.Click on the bottom right in the map view on “❤ Give Feedback”.

2. A pop-up window opens. Click on “Map Feedback” and create a new ticket. Click on the marker and place the marker on the incorrect map position. The address of the marker is automatically adopted.

Describe the error as detailed as possible in the “Description” field. Click on “Add Ticket” and a new ticket will be created.

3. Our Geo-IT specialists will immediately deal with the report and give you feedback accordingly. In this feedback pop-up you can now track your previous tickets and their status as well as create additional tickets.

How Can I Give Feedback?2020-07-13T15:26:56+02:00

1. Click on the bottom right in the map view on “❤ Give feedback”.

2. A pop-up window opens. In the second tab of the feedback pop-up you can give us general feedback on our software.

Under “How satisfied are you with the dashboard?” you can assign 1 to 5 drones, as with a 5-star system. Afterwards you can enter a text and click on “Send feedback”.

3. We also always appreciate your honest and open feedback on our software. That way we can improve our product and support you in implementing your projects even more efficiently and securely.

Thank you very much!

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You can find frequently asked questions on this page. The FAQ are supposed to provide general information and first support for how to use Map2Fly and Map2Fly Pro.

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