Location search

At the top left of the map there is a free text field for searching for a place or entering an address. Simply enter the address of the place where you want to start your flight planning. The map will then be centered on this location. It is also possible to enter coordinates.

Rotate and Tilt the Map

In the 2D view, you can rotate the map 360° while holding down the right mouse key to move it to the desired position. In 3D view, you can tilt the map further by holding down the right mouse key to view details in 3D. (See: How do I switch from 2D view to 3D view)

North Map

By clicking and holding the right mouse key you can rotate the map. If you want to reposition the map so that north is at the top, simply click on the compass.

My Position

To be able to align the map according to your position, you must allow access to your location. By clicking on “My position”, the map will then automatically align itself to your location.

Zoom in

Click on the plus symbol to zoom one level further into the map to see more details. You can also use the scroll function of your mouse to zoom into the map.

Zoom Out

Click on the minus symbol to zoom out of the map one level further and see a larger area. You can also use the scroll function of your mouse to zoom out of the map.


For better estimation of the distances on the map, a scale is shown in the bottom right corner. This scale changes depending on the zoom level selected.


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