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Safe time and costs compared to ground surveying whilst having more sophisticated data using drones.

USE CASE I - Surveying of quarries

The conventional measurement of quarries using tachymeters or ground-based lasers presents the surveyor with a number of challenges. The numerous hazard areas, such as the latent danger of falling and rockfall due to steep slopes and rock faces, make surveying more difficult because the points are difficult to reach and require a great deal of time and effort.

In contrast, surveying with a drone solves these problems. Surveying is time-efficient and can be carried out without danger from a safe location.

Quantitative comparison: Surveying of quarries

Visualization of: USE CASE I - Surveying of quarries

Comparison between conventional surveying and drone deployment

In the quantitative comparison between the ground-based measurement and the drone, the time and cost advantages are quickly apparent. All in all, this results in an enormous time advantage when using drones, so that you get the result with a third of the conventional time.

A comparison of the costs for the two different procedures reveals an advantage in favour of the drones. When using drones, you save up to 74% of the conventional costs required for ground based procedures.

Costs: classic surveying vs. drone

Visualization of: Comparison between conventional surveying and drone deployment

Qualitative comparison: Surveying of quarries

In a qualitative comparison, the use of drones also offers significant advantages over ground based methods. Especially the customer-friendly presentation possibilities offer considerable differences. Photogrammetric image evaluation can also be used to determine spatial positions and three-dimensional shapes.

Visualization of: Qualitative comparison: Surveying of quarries

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