Drone Data Operation, ERP and Management Platform​​

Drone Data Operations across all Industries​​

Plan Icon - Shows a drone operation plan for flight planning


  • Plan your drone data operations
  • Flight planning and mission approval
  • Manage your data collection
  • Manage teams and assets
  • Collaborate across companies
Drone Icon - drone during a running drone operation


  • Implement workflows
  • Execute checklists
  • Control drone operations
  • Store and process collected data
  • Document your business processes
  • Collaborate across companies
Analyze Icon - shows a graph how represent the analytics results from the droneoperation


  • Push data directly into analytics
  • Share, store and process data
  • Evaluate data for special purposes
  • Deliver relevant results to customers
  • Collaborate across companies

HORIZON Features

This Picture is an animated mockup how shows the simple flyplanning for drones with Flynex HORIZON

Empower your organization with integrating drones to daily business.

Access multiple resources and tools fast for your successful business case.

  • Connect with drone service providers
  • Integrate stakeholders to your operations
  • Work compliant backed by valid data
  • Access new business opportunities
  • Integrate the technology stack into your existing business solutions

Drone Data Operations Management

Create scalable workflows for your industry and your organisation.

  • Control pilots, fleets and teams
  • Plan multiple data operations
  • Document your processes
This Picture is an animated mockup how shows the easy and useful features of the Flynex HORIZON Map - for a simple flyplanning with drones.
HORIZON helps you grow your drone business.
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