Christian Caballero, COO FlyNex GmbH

Your contact for all press questions about Flynex

As one of the four founders of FlyNex GmbH and with almost 20 years of experience in aviation, safety and drones, I am at your disposal for further information. We would be pleased to exchange information about our company, our products or the topic itself. I am looking forward to your inquiry!

Christian Caballero

Phone: +49 (0) 341 331 760

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„A wonderful all-in-one solution and avantgarde for a German-Austrian connection in an important segment of industrial and commercial applications around UAVs. A clear focus on the future. Thank you.“
Aero Enterprise

„Most of our process time we need to communicate with the customer.“

„Software that offers a platform between clients and contractors in which the processes of the robotic flight service are mapped and visible for both parties, can significantly simplify both, communication and process flow.“

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