Start-up-September: FlyNex comes to Berlin and Stuttgart!

Late summer is heating up again! Next month, three events of international importance will feature start-ups, drones and innovative business ideas. FlyNex will be there for all three.


Drone-defence and new rules for airports?

While the first National Aviation Conference is taking place in Leipzig, the debate about new bans on drone flights near airports is making headlines.


Delivery by drone - a realistic vision for the future or utopia?

In Germany, logistics companies such as Hermes and DPD have already implemented that parcel delivery at one's own front door is subject to a surcharge. Will drones deliver our parcels in the future?


Check overhead lines more efficiently with drones

Already in July, we pointed out in our blog the advantages of using drones to inspect power poles. In this article, we would like to take a closer look at the topic and examine individual aspects.


3 Reasons why you should inspect power masts with drones

In rural areas, power poles are a formative image, nowadays alongside wind turbines as well. The inspection of power poles can be dangerous and drones might be the solution to increase the safety of the people inspecting them.