Large-scale construction: Faster completion with drones

Berlin Airport, Elbphilharmonie, Stuttgart 21: Almost every major city has struggled with a problematic large-scale construction project. With drones, construction can be completed faster - and the opening date met.


Stormy Germany: How UAVs protect the power supply

The extraordinarily dry summer of 2019 is almost over, autumn is coming to Germany. So are heavy rain and storms that endanger power lines all over the country. Drones can help to detect the damage.


Wind energy: Easier maintenance with drones

Germany is fully committed to the Green Energy Revolution. But to make sure that the lights stay on, wind farms need regular inspection and maintenance. Thanks to UAVs, this will not be a problem anymore in the future.


Drones as a way out of the housing crisis

Germany's largest cities are facing a common problem: Not enough housing for too many people. The only real solution is to build more homes - and drone technology can help with that.


How drones can support the energy revolution

No to fossil fuels, yes to renewable energy: Germany wants the energy revolution. However, realizing it won't be easy. This is how drones can help: