Drones are a powerful tool for solar plants

Solar systems and photovoltaic systems are becoming increasingly important against the background of the energy revolution taking place. In order for the systems of companies and private households to generate electricity and heat reliably, they must always be in perfect condition. 


Is the air taxi the future of mobility?

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is the topic of the moment. It has been present in all media for the last two weeks, because on 11 March 2019 the first Airbus air taxi called CityAirbus was presented in Ingolstadt. 


"Drones up, costs down!"

More than 350,000 power pylons, over 44,000 mobile phone carriers, numerous other towers, and antennas are located in Germany alone. In the course of the energy revolution, the overhead line network will have to be expanded and new overhead line masts will be erected.


Check overhead lines more efficiently with drones

Already in July, we pointed out in our blog the advantages of using drones to inspect power poles. In this article, we would like to take a closer look at the topic and examine individual aspects.


15 Tips for Better Web Maps - Part 3

Geodata is data with a spatial reference. Depending on estimates, this includes 80-95 % of all data worldwide and thus affects all industries. Maps are a classic means of presenting geodata.