Drones as a way out of the housing crisis

Germany's largest cities are facing a common problem: Not enough housing for too many people. The only real solution is to build more homes - and drone technology can help with that.


How drones can support the energy revolution

No to fossil fuels, yes to renewable energy: Germany wants the energy revolution. However, realizing it won't be easy. This is how drones can help:


Start-up-September: FlyNex comes to Berlin and Stuttgart!

Late summer is heating up again! Next month, three events of international importance will feature start-ups, drones and innovative business ideas. FlyNex will be there for all three.


The German Drone Market: Prepare for the Boom!

Drone Technology has been riding a wave of success in recent years - largely due to private users. But the real boom is still ahead of us, and according to a recent study by BDL and BDLI, the commercial sector will be its main focus.


Drone-defence and new rules for airports?

While the first National Aviation Conference is taking place in Leipzig, the debate about new bans on drone flights near airports is making headlines.