FlyNex at the Agit 2019 in Austria - our review

The spatial view - that was this year's topic of the AGIT expo. The focus was on the spatial perspective of geoinformatics. As the rollout of 5G networks evolves, the transition from storing data to process it in real-time becomes more and more a necessity. In this article, we want to tell you about the experiences we had at the AGIT expo this year.


Surveying with drones – the key to success

Surveying with drones is much more efficient than conventional ground surveying. In an interview with Frank Lochau, we look at the current market situation and he gives us an insight into one of his latest drone surveying assignments.


How to use drones to save fawns in the agriculture sector

Some farmers already use drones in their daily work as we already explained in our blog post on June 18th. In this article, we would like to dig deeper into the usage of drones for saving fawns.


4 reasons to use drones in agriculture

Some farmers already use drones in their daily work. Drones can fly over fields in a short period of time and the data they obtain will help them e.g. determine where to irrigate. Drones can also help protect nature and save lives.


UAVs in action: Support for maintenance and care of PV systems

PV systems are low maintenance, but they must still be checked regularly for damage and contamination in order to work efficiently and with the highest possible yield. In this article, we would like to show how drones can be used in the maintenance of photovoltaic systems.