How drones can support the energy revolution

No to fossil fuels, yes to renewable energy: Germany wants the energy revolution. However, realizing it won't be easy. This is how drones can help:


Start-up-September: FlyNex comes to Berlin and Stuttgart!

Late summer is heating up again! Next month, three events of international importance will feature start-ups, drones and innovative business ideas. FlyNex will be there for all three.


The German Drone Market: Prepare for the Boom!

Drone Technology has been riding a wave of success in recent years - largely due to private users. But the real boom is still ahead of us, and according to a recent study by BDL and BDLI, the commercial sector will be its main focus.


Drone-defence and new rules for airports?

While the first National Aviation Conference is taking place in Leipzig, the debate about new bans on drone flights near airports is making headlines.


Drones help the construction industry to increase its efficiency

In the construction industry, drones are being used to document construction progress more and more. They make it easy to document this regularly and cost-effectively. But drones can also be used for other purposes in the construction sector.