Why are there so many drones?

Ten million requests on our Map2Fly! ­čą│ This makes us happy and shows: There are more and more drones in Germany and the EU. Why is this the case? Over the next few weeks, we will give you some exciting insights into the German and European UAV market and the people at the controllers.


Above the Gigafactory 4 - are you allowed to fly there?

Elon Musk wants to build another Gigafactory in Brandenburg. To do so, a large piece of forest in Gr├╝nheide will be cleared in record time. An exciting spectacle from above - we will inform you about the legal situation regarding drone flight over the new Tesla area.


Map2Fly inspires Police College in Saxony

The police students liked the Map2Fly.  No wonder, considering the possibilities offered by drones for use by public authorities and organizations with security tasks (German acronym: B. O. S.)