Over 70,000 mobile phone antennas inspected with drones

There are a number of myths related to mobile masts and the flying of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). Again and again, there are stories that the deployed drones get out of control. Often this happens due to errors in controlling them. 


MAP2FLY Mobile App

At the beginning of the year, we developed and released MAP2FLY as a mobile app. Any pilot can download the free app from the Apple Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. We hope you like it!


UAVs in the energy industry

In this article, we show some fields of application for drones in the energy industry, which are an innovative way to inspect various types of power plants in a safer and cheaper way. 


That's what companies should consider when it comes to drones!

Corporate strategies regarding drones Drones: Better do it yourself or have it done by someone? Over the past two years, we have seen numerous companies working with unmanned aerial vehicles and also with the intention of integrating them into their workflow efficiently. 



MAP2FLY is now called and used daily by 500 users, depending on the weather. Companies, in particular, are continuously informed about their ascents and use the initial information as a support to find their way through legal information.