Geodata - important facts for a future with drones

Unmanned aviation systems, colloquially often called drones or copters, are legally assigned to aviation. Therefore it is relatively obvious to deal with aspects of aviation for the ascent with a device.


3 Reasons why you should inspect power masts with drones

In rural areas, power poles are a formative image, nowadays alongside wind turbines as well. The inspection of power poles can be dangerous and drones might be the solution to increase the safety of the people inspecting them. 


Innovation engine AGIT 2018 in Salzburg

What does Mozart have to do with drones? Hohensalzburg Fortress proudly sits on the fortress hill above Austria's fourth largest city on the Salzach. We will probably never know whether Mozart was interested in drones, but one thing is certain: the view from the fortress probably hasn´t changed much since his passing. 


6 key technologies for a functional UTM

What are UTM and SORA anyway? The idea of fully automated flying drones (UAVs) is an exciting vision, especially when you think of the many possible uses of these flying tools. 


Everything under control with the right checklists

Checklists serve to execute sequences of actions in a controlled manner. A large number of actions are ordered in this way and can be executed in a controlled manner. Checklists increase the security of action and guarantee controlled processes.