Our Mission

We empower companies to operate and utilize drones for the most effective industrial data applications.​​

Why we do FlyNex


We are convinced that drones create a significant added value for all industries. We also believe that all companies, regardless of their turnover, deserve the opportunity to easily plan a project in order to safely carry out projects with drones. The new technology of the drones revolutionizes our view of the world and revolutionizes the results of our work. Every company should be able to use this technology easily, safely and profitably. Only in this way is it possible to meet the challenges of a digital future and responsibly promote an innovative society.

What we do


FlyNex provides the leading cloud based drone operation software for flight planning, execution and analysis. We therefore provide automated workflows for companies including ERP and UTM Services scaling your drone business applications. To do this we run our own market leading geo information system processing the most state of the art, valid, relevant data for unmanned aviation. With our technology stack we are backing enterprise companies with powerful APIs and iPaaS Solutions integrating drones and data driven workflows into industries.

Who we are


FlyNex is the leading drone technology company founded 2015 in Hamburg, Germany. After more than 10 years of operational experience in UAS operations around the globe the time was right to transform this unreached expertise into automated software solutions for companies running their own industrial drone operations. The FlyNex Team consists of dedidcated UAS operators and techies combining both worlds following our one mission. FlyNex runs its headquarters for operations in Leipzig, Germany and its office for development in Hamburg.


Our Story

  • March 2018

    ​Serving leading industry clients

    After growing to a team of 20 and more than 70.000 users we did enhance our technology and product stack to be able to serve the demands of leading enterprise companies in various industries. Backing their drone data operations and providing our solutions within multiple projects FlyNex now plays a significant role for enabling drone technologies and data applications.​

  • January 2018

    First Software Release​

    By combining several developed modules and data FlyNex released the first ready to use flight planning software of the shelf for drones. Being the market leader for spatial data in unmanned aviation in Germany new products and functionalities like APIs and Apps where about to follow.

  • September 2017

    ​Venture Capital Investment

    After showing the relevance of the solution, growing the company, joining the SpinLab Accelerator and relocating the headquarters to Leipzig, FlyNex secured a sustainable seed investment to accelerate its growth and enhance the complete product and technology stack.

  • April 2017

    ​Release of MAP2FLY

    The BETA Version of the most advanced, detailed and sophisticated mapping solution for drones in Germany was released bringing tens of thousand of drone pilots to this app over night.

  • September 2016

    Innovative company​

    As one out of the 16 most innovative companies in Hamburg FlyNex did get a grant by the City of Hamburg to foster its solution and start building a software that automatically projects flight planning and mission approval activities for drones.

  • June 2016

    ​​First Prototype

    ​Building the application from scratch we managed to build a working prototype of a drone flight planning map with almost no resources. FlyNex showed that it is possible for companies to handle complex drone operations even without aviational knowledge.

  • September 2015

    ​Founded in Hamburg, Germany

    ​FlyNex was founded with just an idea of bringing automated workflows for drone data operations to multiple industries for any kind of application, after receiving the call from companies struggeling with their drone management.